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Canadian charitable organization RainCity Housing provides to the homeless housing and support services. As a way to raise awareness, the organization engaged the help of ad agency Spring Advertising to create two special park bench installations that double as ads. 

E’ interessante riflettere sul fatto che no place like home.

Smart advertising

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An Awesome Neon Map Of Paris

Francophiles and cartographers would probably agree that it’s impossible to adequately convey the magic of Paris on a flat, lifeless map. But French designer Antoine Corbineau has come close in his newest print—a neon vision of the City of Light that resembles pop-art stained glass. With a tangle of streets in white against buildings in bold pinks, yellows, and reds, you can try to use this map for navigation, but you’d probably be better off hanging it on the wall.


After this nice video by Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, there will be more green spots in between, happy neighbours, red organic tomatos, seeds&hoes and urban gardeners out there. Easier done than said. 


Want to know how the Dutch design their intersections so that they’re friendly for cyclists? Then check out this video. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you actually care about something and you put thought and intent into it.



Janette Sadik-Khan talks about the small interventions on the streets of New York. Here is also the Urban Street Design Guide.

By 2017, the City of Portland will have experienced a net positive return on investment in its bicycle infrastructure of $500 million in healthcare savings and $200 million fuel savings.


Gotschi, Thomas. Costs and benefits of bicycling investments in Portland, Oregon. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 2011,8 (Suppl 1), S49-S58.

via oregon metro regional active transportation plan, aug. 2013 draft, pg.19.

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Detroit NIght Kevin Bauman

just got back, and wish i stayed longer


Hygge House by Plain Projects + Pike Projects + Urbanink stands clearly on the white snowy landscape of Winnipeg’s skating trail, offering a working wood stove, blankets, games, comic books and music to stop, get together and forget the cold.

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